Tuesday, October 28, 2008

27th Edition

Welcome to the 27th edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival! Sorry to be so late in posting. It's been a busy day.

We're going to start this trip in British Columbia where we'll visit with Rosina as she shares with us some wonderful Leaf Embroidery her children did recently. Before we leave Rosina's she asks us to check out the HSN blog she looks after and read about the Grand Finale ~ Finish Celebrating BC's 150th Year With A Bang.

Next we're off to Alberta to visit with Pam as she tells us about a Magazine for and by homeschool kids :o) (Canadian). Sounds very interesting!

Before leaving Alberta we'll drop in on Lori as she tells us its time to Review, Regroup, Restart.

After skipping over a couple of provinces, our next stop is in Ontario to visit with Mama Squirrel as she says "There are libraries and then there are libraries."

Next we'll drop in on Tonia in Quebec as she shares a Curriculum Review: Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code.

After skipping over a few provinces again we come to our last stop for this trip, at my house in Newfoundland and Labrador as I tell you about a NaNoWriMo Page for Canadian Home Educators.

And that's the end of this trip across Canada visiting with home educators along the way. Thanks to those that invited us to visit.

Life has been pretty crazy around my house lately and with NaNoWriMo about to start it promises to just get crazier. Because of my involvement in the NaNoWriMo I will be taking a break from posting the Carnival during the month of November. Therefore, unless I get inundated with submissions and outcries against the break, the next Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival will be posted on Tuesday, December 2. That gives you all lots of time to write and submit. :)