Tuesday, June 3, 2008

7th Edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival

We have a coast to coast trip planned for today with stops in all but two of the provinces. Here we go!

Before we leave from my place in Newfoundland I want to share with you what I think are Two Great Resources - the internet and the library.

Next we head over to visit with Dawn in Nova Scotia as she shares with us An Inspiring Science Read that she recently discovered.

While we visit with Molytail in Prince Edward Island she tells us about two things she loves - Whiskers & Books. This crazy cat lady starts with telling us about a stray cat she's fallen in love with before sharing about a used books sale she was lucky enough to take advantage of, and how thrilled she was to see her girl choose so many books. Here's what she said in an email "Cindy started this year of hs'ing with almost a hatred for books - getting her to read was like pulling teeth.... that's why I'm so pleased with her choices of books - heck, I'm pleased with her choosing books PERIOD."

Up next we stop in for a first time visit with Carla in Ontario as she shares her thoughts on Justice and homeschooling and tells us "I hope that reading the parts of our history that don’t inspire us with heroic acts or noble deeds will help all of us grow in compassion and understanding. That is more important to me, in schooling my children, than the memorization of pertinent facts."

Our next stop is in Manitoba where we visit with Audrey, who introduces us to the idea of Educational Anarchy. Audrey is sporty an Educational Anarchist button spurred on by an American homeschool blogger's reaction to a statement by the California Teacher's Association.

Hoping over to Saskatchewan we visit with Julia as she tells us about A Geeky Kind of Excitement she recently experienced over a math curriculum.

In Alberta we've been invited for a first time visit with Lori, as she helps spread the news about our Canadian Blog Carnival and tells us about her favorite resource - Mug Up, "a weekly event that a group of us homeschoolers in the area have the privilege of attending."

Our last stop is to visit with Rosina in British Columbia and she has a couple of things to share with us.
First, on the HSN blog for British Columbia, she exclaims, "This could be the greatest Toy/Education Store Ever!"as she tells us about "a really great educational supply store that is on Vancouver Island that is a 'must see'. "
Next on her nature blog she tells us "Our Baby Robins Have Hatched!!!" and she shows us some great pictures of the little creatures.

And that ends this edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival. Be sure to take a minute to let the hosts know that you visited and that you appreciated the invitation. Thank you to each of you that invited us to visit, even though I had to come searching for some of you. :) Also, thank you to each of you that came along for the trip. Hopefully we'll see you all again next week for another trip across Canada as we visit with Homeschooling families along the way.

I will be posting a call for the next edition tomorrow, so be sure to check back for that and don't forget to send your submissions in early so that you don't forget.