Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8th Edition

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival! This time of the year marks the end of formal schooling for many people, including some homeschoolers. Every homeschool is different, however, and on this trip we get a glimpse of what's happening in different homeschooling families across our country at this time of year.

Our first two stops are in British Columbia.

We'll start by dropping in on Rosina as she tells us Our Baby Robin's Eyes are Open & Emergency Care for Orphaned Baby Birds. It's really fun watching these little guys grow.

Next up at Miranda's, while showing us a picture of one of her children hanging upside down, Miranda shares about Our upside-down school year..... Rather rather wrapping things up, they're just getting going.

No invitations to visit in Alberta this time around so we're off to the next province.

In Saskatchewan we stop to visit with Julia while she tells us The Trend Continues - as she describes what happens during the summer portion of their school year.

No invitations to visit in Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec this trip so we skip over these provinces heading to our next stop.

In New Brunswick we stop to visit with Andrea, who's been really busy lately so we get to meet Sarah, One of Andrea's kids. Trying to entertain you!. Sarah, who has never been to school, recently "graduated" from homeschool and she tells us she got her first graphic design job and wrote her first standardized test and didn't find it too bad. Andrea thought it might be nice to meet Sarah because "other homeschoolers quite like to be reassured their kids won't turn out *too* weird. :D."

Next we'll visit with Dawn in Nova Scotia as she tells us about Faery's Tale Deluxe, a storytelling game book she's picked up and is hoping will spark some fun learning throughout the summer.

No invitations to visit Prince Edward Island this trip so we head right to the last stop.

In Newfoundland we drop in on Linda as she reflects on Another one gone... and shares about the end of year homeschooling ceremony the local homeschooling support group hosts.

And that ends the 8th edition of the Canadian Homeschooling Blog Carnival. Thank you to each of you that invited us to visit. Also, thank you to each of you that came along for the trip. Be sure to take a minute to let the hosts know that you visited and that you appreciated the invitation. Hopefully we'll see you all again next week for another trip across Canada as we visit with homeschooling families along the way.

I will be posting a call for the next edition tomorrow, so be sure to check back for that and don't forget to send your submissions in early so that you don't forget.