Tuesday, June 17, 2008

9th Edition

Welcome to the 9th Edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival. We have a very short trip today, with visits in only two provinces. Up until just before bed time last night I didn't think there was going to be an edition to post today, as I hadn't received any submissions up to that point and I didn't have time to go looking for any, so in my head I was planning a postponement post. However, one submission showed up in my inbox before I headed to bed and two more were there this morning. So, let's hit the road!

First we'll drop in on Lori in Alberta as she declares "I love summer!" as she tells us she just returned from her homeschooling group's first annual camp out and she's already started her summertime reflection on the past year.

Next we're off to British Columbia where we have three stops to make.

First we'll pop in for a visit with Cheryl as she tells us about where homeschooling happens in her house by sharing a Friday Meme: Where Do You Homeschool? that she participated in a while back.

Next we'll drop in on Rosina as she tells us she was lucky enough to catch one of their baby robin's first flights on camera and she shows us a Video of 'Fledgling' Leaving the Nest. It has been really neat following the growth and development of the robins.
While we're at her place, Rosina invites us to check out the British Columbia Homeschool Nations blog where she gives us ideas on How to avoid Summer 'Brain Drain' as she shares about a Canadian workbook series she uses with her children and also gives information about summer library programs.

And that ends the 9th edition of the Canadian Homeschooling Blog Carnival. Thank you to those of you that invited us to visit. Also, thank you to those of you that came along for the trip. Be sure to take a minute to let the hosts know that you visited and that you appreciated the invitation.

If all goes well and I don't forget, I will be posting a call for the next edition tomorrow, so be sure to check back for that and don't forget to send your submissions in early so that you don't forget. Hopefully we'll have a longer trip next time around as we take another trip across Canada and visit with homeschooling families along the way.