Tuesday, August 12, 2008

17th Edition

Welcome to the 17th Edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival!

We'll start this trip in British Columbia with Rosina as she tells us what she did for the Unplugged Project - Hot (Stencil Painted Tshirt). Who knew you could make such cool t-shirts with just butcher paper, an iron, and paint? I'm thinking it would be really neat to design a homeschool logo and put it on t-shirts for everyone in the family. If anyone decides to try this, we'd love to see what you do.

Next we're off to Alberta to visit with Lori as she tells us its 4 weeks and counting to the beginning of the school year for her. She has decided her new mantra for this year is "Simple but Special" and asks us to stay tuned. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Moving into Saskatchewan we'll stop in with Julia as she talks about how much she enjoys her children being able to enjoy the freedom and open space around them while Living in the Country.

Our next stop is in Ontario where Annie tells us about the excitement of Box Day! at her house. It's the day they celebrated the arrival of their box of curriculum for the year.

Our last stop this trip is in Nova Scotia where Dawn shows us a very clear example of Why They Shouldn't do Their Work in Front of a TV.

And that is the end of this trip across our country visiting with homeschoolers along the way. Thank you to those of you that allowed us to visit, and thanks to those of you that came along for the trip. Remember, it's always nice to thank the host for the visit, so please take the time to leave a comment on the blogs of those you visit.

If all goes well the next edition of the carnival will be posted August 19. Please help spread the word and get your submissions to me before that time.

Hope to hear from all of you before then. :)