Tuesday, August 5, 2008

16th Edition!

Welcome to the 16th edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival. Let's get started on our trip!

We're going to start the trip this week at my place in Newfoundland and Labrador. Though I haven't really done anything about it yet, my mind has been starting to go towards getting ready for the new "school year" and I recently found some posts with great tips about establishing and writing daily Routines. I'm hoping to put some of these to use soon.

Next we'll pop over for a visit with Penelope in Nova Scotia. She, too, has been thinking about Organization and back in the early part of July she said she was "planning to take on organizing as a leisurely summer project". That doesn't sound much like a leisurely summer project to me and I'd love to know how she is making out with the project. Maybe we'll find out on another visit.

We have a bit of traveling to do to get to our next stop in Ontario with Alex where she is Preparing for 2008-2009 ~ Math. She tells us how she's finally ready to admit that what is considered a tried and true homeschool resource is just not working in their family, but she has come up with some possible alternatives that may work.

Once again after traveling a little distance, we'll pop in to visit with Julia in Saskatchewan, where she, too, is thinking about The Dreaded P Word: Planning. She thinks she's finally come up with a plan that will work, but asks us to stay tuned to see if she still feels that way in January.

Next we'll stop in on Lori in Alberta as she tells us about something that has worked really well for her in the past and answers the question What is Tuesday Teatime? Blog Response. She definitely makes it sound like something worth trying out.

Before we leave Alberta we'll drop in on Heather as she tells us that through Knotted Stomach, Pounding Boots she learned a lesson about working together for a common goal. I just love reading about her band adventures and all that she learns through them.

Our last stop is in British Columbia to visit with the ever entertaining Rosina. First she shares with us her Hidden Veggie Jello Melons ~ Recipe which she uses to sneak veggies to her veggie hating kids. Sneaky! Then she shows us the really neat owls they made for Unplugged Project - Rough (Pinecone Art). I don't know about you, but I always wonder what wonders await us when we get to Rosina's.

And that ends this edition of the carnvial. I sure hope you enjoyed the trip and I hope you take the time to let your hosts know that you enjoyed the visit to their place by leaving them a comment saying so.

If you participated in the carnival in the past you should have received an email from me this week. In an attempt to ensure that each edition has as many visits as possible, I have asked permission of past participants to visit their place whenever we like, without waiting for an invitation. It is still my preference to have people send me invitations to visit each week, because that way I don't have to go looking for them, but in the event that I don't have as many invitations as I would like for an edition I would like to have this as a back-up plan. I have received permission from many, but I'm still waiting to hear from others.

If you haven't yet participated in the carnival, we would love to add you to our list of places to visit. Simply send an email to the carnival address - canadianhomeeducatorscarnival@gmail.com - inviting us for a first visit and you will then be added to the list. Be sure to include your blog address and the province you reside in.

Some exciting news! Homeschooling Horizons Magazine has asked me to put together a monthly sideshow of the carnival for their magazine. The first one is to be published in their September issue, so be sure to watch for it. I emailed past participants about permission to feature them in it a while back. If you have joined the carnival since then this may be new news to you. If you have any questions about it, email or leave a comment below.

If all goes well the next edition of the carnival will be posted on August 12. To help me out be sure to send in your submission before then.

As always, I hope to hear from you all soon!