Tuesday, September 16, 2008

22nd Edition!

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival! I am extremely excited about this trip because it is our first complete cross country trip, making a visit in each and every province - and beyond! Let's get started!

We're going to start this trip at my place in Newfoundland and Labrador again as I give you a Reminder and update. During our election study DD and I were reminded of how important it is to check your sources. Also, I'm happy to say that the Student Vote program is homeschool friendly so be sure to take advantage of it.

Next we'll take the ferry to Nova Scotia where we'll visit with Dawn as she says, "It Almost Had Me... Curriculum is a sneaky, evil beast."

After that we'll take another ferry into Prince Edward Island where Molytail jokingly says "It's the end of the world as we know it..." and tells us about a neat editible learning activity she and her daughter did recently.

I think we'll take the Confederation bridge off the island and head into New Brunswick for a first time visit with Lorraine while she shares with us about how Smudging, Powwows and Animal Speak are influencing their learning.

Before we leave New Brunswick we'll drop in on BJ as she shares How It's Going so far and asks us to share with her too.

Next we had to Quebec for our first ever visit in the province as we stop for a first time visit with Tonia as she tells us about her Geography plans for Kindergarten.

Crossing the border, we'll stop in to visit with Phyllis in Ontario as she shares with us her Week 1 School Report.

After that we head into Manitoba for a visit with Giselle as she invites us to check out some resources she's discovered and talks about the importance of Jr/High School Students and Art.

Next we'll head into Saskatchewan for a first time visit with Susan as she shares what she's learned about Narration and Autism

Crossing the border into Alberta we'll drop in on Pam while she tells us about Day 2 of their school year.

After that we'll head into British Columbia where our first stop is for a first time visit with Jennifer as she tells us that she has a box where she stores vocabulary and sight words for review with her son and she shows us how she's decorated the box to hold Trevor's Words.

Before we leave British Columbia we'll pop in to visit Rosina as she shows us, step by step, a really neat bookmark her son made for Unplugged Project - Soft (Felt Bookmarks).

That's the end of our cross country trip, but we have a special addition to this trip. We're going to travel to Guam to visit with fellow Canadian Homeschooler Colleen as she compares where she used to live to where she is living now - Powell River Vs. Guam.

And that's the end of this trip across our country, and across our world, visiting with homeschoolers along the way. Thank you to each of you that allowed us to visit, and thank you to each of you that came along for the trip. Don't forget to take a minute to let our hosts know that you dropped in by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

While there weren't many people that participated in the polls last week, the ones that did liked the idea of including blogs of Canadian homeschooling students and graduates in our weekly trips. Now I need your help to find these blogs to visit. If you know of any Canadian homeschooled students or graduates that blog please let them, or preferably their parents, know about the carnival and that we would like to include them in it. In order to protect the children I will not include their blogs without encouraging them to get permission from their parents to do so.

Also, I'm still looking for blogging Canadians that are homeschooling and living abroad. Please help spread the word.

If all goes well the next edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival will be posted Tuesday, September 23. Please get your submissions in to me as soon as possible before them. I was delighted this week to only have to search for one submission! Hopefully next time I won't have to search for any, but instead will be overrun with multiple submissions from each province. ;)

Have a good week and hope to hear from you before the next edition.