Tuesday, September 30, 2008

24th Edition

Welcome to the 24th edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival. Unfortunately we don't have a full trip this week. It has been a stressful week, dealing with a sick little one, among other things, so no time to look for submissions. Thank goodness we had a fair number of people submit posts this week. So, let's get started on the trip.

Unfortunately nobody in British Columbia submitted any posts this week so we have to skip that province and start the trip in the next province.

In Alberta we have a first time invitation to visit with Paige as she tells us about her plans for this year.

Before we leave Alberta we'll drop in and visit with Pam as she shares with us "Encouragement from my HS Facilitator", a post she wrote two years ago but that she still finds encouragement from.

Crossing over the border into Saskatchewan we'll pop in to visit with Julia as she tells us about the public library she enjoys and says Wonders Never Cease at the things she discovers there.

Unfortunately we don't have any invitations to visit in Manitoba this time around.

Next we'll stop in Ontario where our first visit is with Heather as she tells us about her family getting a Campaign Close-up recently when they were a part of a press conference with Stephen Harper.

Before we leave Ontario we'll drop in on Debbie as she shares with us some pictures, that she took on a hike recently, that really show the Fall Colors in her area.

Crossing the border into Quebec we'll drop in to visit Tonia as she shares her Goals for Kindergarten. She makes a very important statement about the importance of goals in there that nobody should miss so be sure to check it out.

Next we'll travel to New Brunswick and stop to visit Lorraine as she says, "It's KidPay Day" and proceeds to tell us about a great system she's worked out for teaching her children to be responsible with money.

After Crossing the water to the province of Prince Edward Island we'll stop in on Molytail as she says, "Meow" and tells us about a series of books that have really sparked her daughter's interest in reading.

As we have no invitations to visit in either Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador this time around, or anywhere else either, that brings us to the end of our trip. Thank you to those of you that took the time to send in submissions. Without you there wouldn't have been a trip this week. Thank you to those of you that came along for the trip. Please take the time to let the hosts know that you visited.

Hopefully next week the trip will be a little fuller. You can help ensure that by making sure that you send in a submission.

If all goes well the next edition will be posted next Tuesday, October 7. Hope to hear from all of you before then.

Edited to put Pam in her right province. :)