Tuesday, September 2, 2008

20th Edition!

Welcome to the 20th edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival! I apologize for being so late in posting this but school started here today and school and family must come first. I know you all will understand that. :)

We're going to start this trip in Bristish Columbia where Rosina first of all suggests that we check out the Buy/Sell List For Canadian BJU Homesat Users that she posted about on the HSN Blog she is co-ordinator for. After that she invites us to check out "Our Homeschool Agenda - HM Assignment #2. Before we leave her place she also shares what her family did for the Unplugged Project - Insect (Habitat).

Next we're off to Alberta to visit with Heather while she tells us the story of the The Curse of the Washing Machine. If you check her next few posts you'll hear even more of the story.

After that we're off to Saskatchewan to visit with Julia as she tells us that she is trying out A Loop Schedule. Sounds interesting.

No visits in Manitoba this time around so we'll continue on to the next province.

Our first stop in Ontario is a first time visit with Ann as she shares ideas on How to Daily Feed A Brain (links for life-long learners). Lots of great links to check out there!

Next we'll stop in for another first time visit with Phyllis, also in Ontario, as she shows us her School Room. Looks like she's all ready for the coming year.

Before we leave Ontario we'll stop in to visit with Kim as she tells us she's Starting the Schoolyear Right by participating in the local fall fair. I think that is such a great idea!

Unfortunately we don't have any visits in Quebec or New Brunswick this time around so we'll skip over those provinces to get to our next stop.

In Nova Scotia we'll stop in on Penelope as she tells us that her kids seem to be doing just fine with her preparations for School, or lack of it.

Next up we'll drop in to visit with Molytail in Prince Edward Island as she asks us "Whats 5 feet tall & bright pink"? Why it's the locker she's set up in her daughter's room so that she doesn't miss out on having a school locker. :-) Such a neat idea!

We didn't get any other invitations to visit in Newfoundland and Labrador this time around so you're stuck with visiting with me at my place while I share with you what I did for Homeschool Memoirs #1 - All About Me.

And that's the end of this trip across Canada visiting with Home Educating families along the way. Thank you to those of you that have allowed us to visit, and thanks to those of you that came along for the trip. Please take the time to say hello to the hosts by leaving a comment on their blogs. If you have come along for the trip but haven't invited us to visit with you yet, we'd love to visit you next time. We'd also love invitations to visit again with those of you that have already invited us to visit.

Thanks also to those of you that participated in the poll about having a separate regular trip around the world visiting with Canadian Home Educating families living abroad. All of you that voted thought it was a great idea so watch for the first trip in the near future, maybe even later this week. I will, however, need your help in finding Canadian homeschoolers abroad to visit - so far I only have one. :-) If you know of anyone please tell them about the carnival and/or email me their blog address and contact information.

I haven't suggested a topic for the carnival for a while but since I wrote my "All About You" post for the Homeschool Memoirs meme I've been thinking that I would love to know more about each of you. Maybe you've written an "All About Me" post before that you would like to share in next week's carnival, or maybe you'd like to write one especially for next week's carnival. This is just a suggestion, however, not a stipulation. We'd love to come visit you even if you don't have an "All About Me" post to share.

If all goes well the next edition of the Canadian Home Educators blog carnival will be posted Tuesday, September 9. Please send your submissions in as soon as possible before then as that helps me to get it ready to post earlier. I will be working on trying to put the post together the night before, which means I would need your submissions early in the day, so that I can post it first thing in the morning if possible, but please don't hold me to it.

Hopefully I'll hear from all of you in the next few days!