Tuesday, May 13, 2008

4th Edition of Canadian Home Educators Carnival

First of all, apologies for being a little late with this edition. Life has been crazy around here and I've been doing a fair bit of real life travel, from one side of our island to the other, and it's cut into my travel time on the internet. :) I also kept hoping that more submissions would come in, but I've finally decided to post this Island only edition. :)

We've only been invited to visit with island living Canadian homeschoolers this edition - two in Newfoundland and one in Prince Edward Island. This is our first invitation to visit PEI. Hopefully it won't be our last.

We'll start this trip with Linda in Newfoundland. She and her family are enjoying Nature's Traveling Art Gallery as they admire the icebergs that are passing by their house. I couldn't help but think about Linda when I was traveling from one end of the island to another and I kept an eye out for icebergs to tell her about.

Before we live the island we'll stop in at my place for a while and I'll tell you about My Homeschooling Mentors - two ladies that have played an important role in my homeschooling journey.

Next we hop over to another beautiful Canadian Island and visit with Molytail in PEI while she also tells us about her Homeschool Mentor who just so happens to live on an island half a world away from her.

And so ends our very short island trip in this edition of the Carnival. Thank you to Linda and Molytail for inviting us to visit.

Be watching for the call for submissions for the next edition very shortly.