Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Call for Submissions for 5th Edition

Our next Canadian Home Educating Blog Carnival trip is planned for May 20th, with the deadline for submissions being May 19th, though I don't really know why I bother to set deadlines because the fact of the matter is that I will accept submissions right up to the time I post. The earlier I get them the easier it is on me to get the edition posted on time. I sure hope we get more invitations to visit with more Canadian home educators all across the province this time around.

As a kind of extension on the suggested theme for the last edition, this edition I'd like to hear more about the different support systems that are available for Canadian Home Educators. Tell us about your local support groups, if you have any, or about any online support systems that have helped you on your homeschooling journey. You may have already written a post about this. If so, send along a link to it. If not, maybe you will find the time in the next week to write a post and send in the link.

Once again, the suggested theme is simply that, a suggestion, not a limitation. if you'd rather send a post along a totally different line feel free to do so. We'd just like an invitation to visit with you for a while.

Please take the time to answer the poll in the side bar. I'd like to add a new feature to the side bar of this blog, like a feature that you can see in the side bar of the Canadian Scrappers Blog Carnival. You can check out what I'm talking about on that blog if you like. Basically I'd like to add drop down menus in the right hand side bar of the blog and list the blogs of the people that have participated in the Carnival sorted according to the province they are residing in. I will not add this feature unless it is something that the readers think is a good idea, and even if most of the readers do like the idea and it does get added, anyone that didn't want their blog listed would just have to let me know. I already had the poll up for a week but only had two people vote. I've decided to extend the poll for another week.

I'd love it if you'd leave a quick comment if you stop by and please continue to help get the word out about the carnival. If you have any questions or suggestions you can either post them in the comments below or email canadianscrapbookerscarnival@gmail.com