Tuesday, May 27, 2008

6th Edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival

We have an exciting trip planned for today with very interesting visits. Let's get started!

We'll start in British Columbia and drop in to visit with Rosina as she excitedly proclaims "Our Butterfly Larvae Arrived" and proceeds to show us everything that came in the package. How exciting!

Next we're off to Alberta for our first visit with actual homeschoolers there! I'm so excited!

First we'll stop in and visit Jennifer, a new comer to the carnival and homeschooling, as she tells us about the regulations and funding available in her province, but that for her there's No Funding This Year, Homeschooling in Alberta as she waits for her oldest to be old enough to be eligible for it.

Before we leave Alberta we'll pop over to visit with Heather, another new comer to the carnival, though not to homeschooling, as she tells us It Was a Winderful Day with lots of challenges recently during an outdoor performance of the military band she and her husband enjoy being members of.

Next we're off to Saskatchewan to visit with Julia as she tell us she sometimes suffers An Identity Crisis as she is reminded of all the things she is not good at, but she's decided not to concentrate on that but to focus on the things that do bring her enjoyment, even if they may sound boring to others.

We skip over Manitoba this trip, as we didn't have any invitations to visit there, so our next stops are in Ontario where we've been invited for a repeat visit and a visit with a newcomer.

Our first stop in Ontario is with Jackie as she shares how she took a year off homeschooling to Get A Life and discovered she liked the life she had when she was homeschooling better, so she's back at it, but she still has a part time job and singing to juggle with her homeschooling.

Next we're off for a first visit with Janet, Homeschool mom of 12 and grandmother of 14, as she asks Don't you love it when a plan comes together? and shares how her faith is boosted by seeing God order the ordinary things of their day to work together.

Unfortunately we have no invitations from Quebec so we travel non stop through the province and head for New Brunswick, where we've been invited for the first time.

Our next stop is in New Brunsick for a first time visit with Andrea, self proclaimed "home educating work at home country frugal back to land kind of mom". Just one of the many things on this busy lady's plate is running homeschooljournal. She share with us "How I do it all and says a very flexible routine, a to-do list, not a master schedule, and everyone pulling together makes it possible. I like her philosophy!

No side trip to Prince Edward Island this time as we have no invitations there this trip. Maybe next time.

In Nova Scotia we drop in to visit with Dawn as she tells us "My Life...It's Homeschooling" and explains how homeschooling is so intertwined with her life that there seems to be no division even while participating in a community choir, doing a course, drawing, blogging, etc.

Next we're off to Newfoundland and Labrador for our last two visits.

First we'll stop in and visit Carla as she explains that she doesn't often get askedWhat do you do in your spare time?? because everyone can see she keeps quite busy with homeschooling 4 children and enjoying all the different things that interest her - scrapbooking, cake decorating, reading. cooking, baking, reading, gardening. She's one busy lady!

Our last visit is with Linda where she entices us with More Chocolate as she shows us lots of pictures of the wonderful creations she makes out of chocolate and tells how she learned to make chocolate and how working with chocolate fits so well into her day.

And that ends this edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival. Thank you to each of you that invited us to visit, and also to each of you that came along for the trip. I think I'll stay at Linda's for a while and enjoy some chocolate. Hopefully we'll see you all again next week for another trip across Canada as we visit with Homeschooling families along the way.

I will be posting a call for the next edition tomorrow, so be sure to check back for that.