Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Call for submissions for 4th Carnival

Since a little more than half of the responders to the poll last week said that they would like to see topics assigned for the editions of the carnival, an attempt will be made to do so. If anyone has ideas for possible topics for upcoming editions feel free to share them in either the comments or through email. I'd love some help in coming up with topics. Although topics will be suggested, you will not be limited to only sending posts on the topic suggested. The topics are simply to give people ideas on things to write about, not to limit what does get written about.

In light of upcoming Mother's Day my mind has been on Homeschooling Mothers or Mentors. Do you have a mentor or someone that encouraged or inspired you to began to home school, or someone that is inspiring or encouraging you to continue in your homeschooling? Why not write a post about it? Please, however, be respectful of people's privacy. Do not use a person's full name without asking permission to do so.

That brings up something else I've been meaning to address. I tend to use first names in the carnival. If you would rather I not use your name, but refer to you by a sort of "pen name" or just use your blog name, I am quite happy to oblige. Just let me know your preferences in your email with your submission.

Along the same lines, I have been organizing the submissions according to the province that the posters are residing it. I realize that some people value their privacy and that this may be a deterent to some people participating. If anyone would like to participate but would rather not have their residing province indicated I am again happy to oblige. Once again simply let me know your preferences in your email.

I will be posting a new poll shortly. I'd like to add a new feature to the side bar of this blog, like a feature that you can see in the side bar of the Canadian Scrappers Blog Carnival. You can check out what I'm talking about on that blog if you like. Basically I'd like to add drop down menus in the right hand side bar of the blog and list the blogs of the people that have participated in the Carnival sorted according to the province they are residing in. I will not add this feature unless it is something that the readers think is a good idea, and even if most of the readers do like the idea and it does get added, anyone that didn't want their blog listed would just have to let me know. The poll will be up for a week.

Now, back to the call. :) The next edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival will be posted May 12th. Deadline for submission is May 10th. Please be sure to read the submission guidelines in the right hand side bar.