Monday, May 5, 2008

3rd Edition of the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Canadian Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival!

In our journey across the country this time around we have a number of places to visit on each end of the country and one lone place to visit in the middle of the country. Ready! Let's start the trip.

First we stop off in Newfoundland where we have three visits to make.

The Robinson Family share a gorgeous picture of a bird that they recently discovered is a Mourning Dove.

Linda's family moved to Newfoundland a few months back and she tells us about Making Friends - Jake Style. Her son sure blows the myth about homeschoolers lacking socialization skills.

This time around I am sharing a recent Fun Get Together homeschoolers in a part of Central Newfoundland had as we celebrated National Wildlife week.

Now we skip over to Nova Scotia where we have a couple of visits to make.

Betty suggests alternatives to Robert Munsch in her post Book Look.

Penelope shares some wonderful pictures and a write up about how her family celebrated Earth Day.

Next we make a short stop in Ontario to visit with MamaSquirrel. She tells us how You know you're a homeschooler when...they HAVE to hear the Real Thing instead of a shortened version of a classic.

This time around we didn't get any invitations to visit in the next few provinces so we fly right over them and head to British Columbia for our last three visits.

Miranda shares a wonderful post about how homeschooling allows her children to experience the Real World and use their musical talents to bring comfort to someone needing it.

Rosina invites us for a quick check in at two of her blogs. On the Huber Hof Academy homeschool blog she shares details, pictures, and video if their ongoing Chicken Mummy Experiment. At the Nature Notes from Above blog she tells about Butterfly Larvae and Free Butterfly Unit Study.

Cheryl shares her thoughts on a text they used to study Marine Biology and shows pictures of the neat project they made following the text's instructions to Make an Ocean Box during their studies.

And that brings an end to this edition's visit with home educators across our country. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy this little glimpse into the homeschooling lives of people all around the nation. Thank you to each of you that invited us to visit. Be sure to take a moment to let people know that you visited. It would even be neat to let them know what province you are in so that we can see where the different visitors are from.

I'd also like to thank those of you that have already partcipated in the polls I have posted on the blog. It is encouraging to know that others think this is a worthwhile venture.

I will be posting a new poll and a call for submissions for the next edition shortly, hopefully before the day is through. I'd love to hear from as many of you as possible.

Please help spread the word about the carnival and hopefully we'll see you all again in the next one. Happy Home Schooling!